We are in continuous pursuit of raising occupational safety, health and environmental performance, complying with all required specifications. TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE and its employees take the social responsibility as a model of professional conduct and a long term commitment.



Our company efforts are constantly oriented towards fulfilling and observing the following commitments:  
1. identification and fulfillment of customers’ requirements and continual improvement of the level of conformity to the product requirements;
2. conformity with the quality regulations and norms, the environmental / OH&S effective regulations and to other statutory requirements to which our organization has subscribed;  
3. increase of customer satisfaction by observing the statutory requirements and other statutory requirements to which our company has subscribed;
4. ensure safety and healthy work conditions for performance of the work activity in an adequate environment;
5. prevention of exposure to risk factors as regards the occupational health and safety and environment;
6. maintenance of the employees health condition and prevention of work incidents and professional diseases;
7. responsible waste storage and management;
8. maximum efficiency of resource usage in all our activities;  
9. prevention from occupational diseases and injuries;
10. continual improvement of the efficiency of the implemented integrated management system by ensuring conformity to customer requirements and to regulatory requirements to which the company has subscribed;
11. continual improvement of environment performances and occupational health and safety by observance of authorization requirements and measures established as a result of identification and assessment of occupational disease risks and incidents.


Occupational Health. Safety. Environment

Quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety are closely related to the development strategy elaborated by TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE Iasi.

TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE has established an integrated management system for quality, environment, occupational health and safety according to the requirements of standards EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007, API Spec Q1/ ISO TS 29001 and of European Directive 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment PED, which is described in the Integrated Management System Manual.

The Integrated Management System Manual pursuits:
• that all company activities contribute to supplying products in conformance with customer requirements, valid regulations and statutory requirements;
• to continually increase the customer satisfaction;
• to control and minimize the environmental aspects in order to contribute to the prevention of pollution and to the promotion of sustainable development principles;
• to control the occupational health and safety risks in order to minimize the work related incidents and diseases.

The policy for quality, environment and occupational health and safety addresses to all TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE employees, irrespective of their position. The employees are obliged to fulfill the requirements established in the integrated management system documents (procedures, work instructions and other documents applicable in each field of activity).

The management of TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE pursues and is responsible for:
- fulfillment of policy for quality, environment, occupational health and safety;
- review and update of policy in order to be kept permanently relevant and adequate;
- providing the frame for establishing and assessing the objectives of integrated management system.
As GENERAL MANAGER, I have the obligation to ensure the technical and organizational frame, as well as the resources necessary to elaborate the policy and objectives of integrated management system.

To implement, maintain and continually improve the integrated management system, I have appointed a management representative that has the responsibility and authority to coordinate the realization of objectives in the field of quality, environment, occupational health and safety and to communicate the performances to the top management in order to review and improve the system.   
Our company team understands and participates in the application of this policy in order to improve our life, the relation with our customers and the quality of the environment.



TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE promotes every opening move to social responsibility commitment, to building our community and meeting its needs. Alongside the employees, the management staff is actively involved in projects sustaining our community.
The company management policy provides that our social concern extends to:

1. Sustaining our employees and their families, improving individual/family functioning and quality of life
2. Offering young people study, internship and professional development opportunities

The social projects, as well as the educational programs TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE continuously promotes come to prove once more that our company is a reliable partner within the community it stands for.


2002, Romania > TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE receives the Rising Star Award for Business Excellence offered by the Margaret Thatcher Foundation and the President of Romania.


TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE is the most prolific Romanian manufacturer of natural gas equipment regarding the new product development and launch.


Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions (TGES) is a subsidiary of TOKYO GAS (TG), the Japan’s largest gas supplier with more than 130years in business which has more than 11 million customers and 15.5 BCM annual gas sales (as of August, 2018). TGES has various and abundant EPC experiences in gas pipeline project including TG’s gas pipeline project.

From: Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions Corporation

Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions (TGES) is a subsidiary of TOKYO GAS (TG), the Japan’s largest gas supplier with more than 130years in business which has more than 11 million customers and 15.5 BCM annual gas sales (as of August, 2018). TGES has various and abundant EPC experiences in gas pipeline project including TG’s gas pipeline project.


TGES had researched “regulator” manufactures for five years since 2005 all over the world, and came across TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE S.R.L (TOTALGAZ). Only TOTALGAZ satisfied TGES’s high quality requirement and passed many severe qualification tests by TGES, and the price was the most competitive among other manufactures. Therefore, TGES and TOTALGZ entered into “Exclusive Sales Agency Agreement” and we have installed TOTALGAZ regulators to many gas suppliers in Japan.


At first, TGES started to deal only “regulator” from the contract signing in 2010. After one year passed, TGES appended “valve” and “filter” to its sales lineup because these TOTALGAS products also have high quality and competitive price.


We highly recommend TOTALGAZ products for the following excellent advantages.

1. TOTALGAZ products have been operated in good condition without any major troubles in our sales history.

2. TOTALGAZ products are easy to maintain and robust in operation. Thus, maintenance expense can be saved and very low.

3. TOTALGAZ has strictly kept the designated delivery date.

4. TOTALGAZ has high design capability and can accommodate to design modifications requested by TGES and TGES customers. In addition, TOTALGAZ has well-equipped inspection facilities and capability for through inspection.

5. TOTALGAZ promptly and properly responds to our questions and requests, and keenly / kindly provides valuable information in detail.


We believe TOTALGAZ products contribute stable gas supply with possible lowest cost.