Separation Filtration Battery Onesti, Romania

Filter separators Onesti DN 500 ANSI 300:
Filter separator: vertical two-stage FS 643
Inlet/ outlet connection: DN 500
Inlet/ outlet flanges: ANSI 300
Ambient temperature: -30°C...+40°C
Volumetric flow rate: 60 000 Nm3/ h
Design pressure: 40 bar
The battery is provided with:

  • coalescer cartridge unit – multi-layered cartridge
  • distributor
  • differential pressure gauge mounted on the inlet and outlet connections
  • water pneumatic discharge automated system
  • magnetic level indicator
  • safety valve
  • quick opening closure
  • manhole
  • separator insulation of 80 mm thickness and electrical heating cable system


Separation Filtration Battery SRMP Termo Cuci, Romania



  • Separation Filtration Battery Onesti, Romania
  • Separation Filtration Battery Onesti, Romania


2006, London > TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE receives the International Quality Crown Award.


TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE is the most prolific Romanian manufacturer of natural gas equipment regarding the new product development and launch.