Chiscani Station

Another project TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE has achieved is the regulating-metering and delivery station SRMP Chiscani with the following technical characteristics:

The technological installation is designed for inlet pressure P1= 8 ÷ 25 bar, outlet pressure P2= 0.2 ÷ 3 bar and ensures a maximum flow rate Qmax = 75000 Nmc/h.
The filtration and separation battery comprises two working filter separators and one stand-by filter separator. Isolation ball valves DN 300 ANSI 300 are mounted upstream from the filter separators.
The isolation ball valves are provided with bypass and position sensors. The filter separators DN 300 ANSI 300 are provided with differential pressure gauges, level indicators and automatic purge and the impurities are collected into an underground tank.
The main metering equipment comprises three metering lines. Two metering lines are provided with a turbine gas meter G 4000 DN 300 ANSI 300 to measure the maximum flow rate, while the other line is equipped with a turbine gas meter G 1000 DN 150 ANSI 300 for maximum flow rate and one low flow rate line. 
The regulating equipment comprises three lines: two operating lines and one standby line.
Each line is isolated upstream from the heater by a ball valve DN 300 ANSI 300 equipped with bypass and position sensors.
The low flow rate metering installation comprises a gas turbine meter G1000 D150 PN 16, two butterfly valves DN 150 PN 16, one of them is manually actuated and the other electrically actuated.
The regulating-metering and delivery station is placed within a thermally insulated cabinet. The rolled steel framework holds the insulated panels of Izopan type (steel plate and flame retardant-treated polyurethane foam isolation).
The thermally isolated cabinet comprises five chambers: mechanical installation chamber, electrical, automation and telemetry installation chamber, odorizing installation chamber, gas chromatography chamber and boiler chamber.
For technical inspections, a lifting device ensures the handling of mechanical equipment.


SRMP Termo Cuci, România




2004, Paris > TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE receives the World Commitment Quality Award.


TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE is the first Romanian producer that has ever designed and manufactured a Well Testing Equipment.