Regulating metering station Buzovna-Azerbaijan

TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE has completed and commissioned the natural gas regulating - metering and delivery station located in Republic of Azerbaijan, Buzovna, in the proximity of the capital Baku.

Technical characteristics:
- Flow rate: 25.000 Nmc/h
- Nominal pressure: PN 25; P2= 1-6 bar
- Two outlet lines, each one provided with automatic odorant injection system
- The filtration–separation battery is mounted on the inlet, ensuring five-micron filter efficiency and automatic purging
- The station has been designed and manufactured to be provided with SCADA system integration.

Representatives of the SOCAR AZERIGAS PRODUCTION UNION – AZERBAIJAN Company have attended the commissioning of the regulating-metering-delivery station. The event has been reported and broadcasted by means of national television and local mass media. 



Regulating-metering and delivery station Iasi.





2002, Romania > TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE receives the Rising Star Award for Business Excellence offered by the Margaret Thatcher Foundation and the President of Romania.


TOTALGAZ INDUSTRIE is the first Romanian producer that has ever designed and manufactured a Well Testing Equipment.