STG 654


Gas separator

STG 654

Gas separator STG 654

STG 654 vertical gas separator is a mechanical device designed to remove and collect solid and liquid impurities existent in the gas flow in order to protect the pipelines, equipment and devices which could be damaged because of particle-contaminated gas.
The STG 654 is a welded construction vessel, inward provided with separation elements such as demister, baffle plate, cyclone, coalescer plates or multicyclone in order to separate impurities. It can be used in the gas regulating and metering stations, gas delivery stations, gas dehydration units, compressor stations etc.
Depending on the equipment provided, the STG 654 can be either a two-phase separator or a three-phase separator.
Reference standard: EN 13445 or ASME BPVC Sec. VIII
CE certificate according to PED 97/23/EC
Code ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1 (ASME "U" stamp)

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Body nominal diameter: DN 400 ÷ DN 1200
Connection angle: 180° or, upon request, 90°
- solid impurities: 99,9 % > 8 µm
- liquid particles: 99,5 % > 3 µm
CONNECTION TYPE Nominal pressure: PN 6 ÷  PN 250 bar
Nominal diameter: DN 80 ÷ DN 600
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Level indicator monitoring the liquid level in the collection chamber
Level indicators/transmitters
Minim-minimorum level signal
Maxim-maximorum level signal
Automatic impurities drain
Thermal insulation
Pressure gauge
Differential pressure gauge
Collection chamber electrical heating
Drain pipelines electrical heating etc.
OPERATING CONDITIONS Ambient temperature: -20 ÷ 80 (optionally, -30 ÷ 80)°C
Working fluid temperature: -10 ÷ 60 (optionally, -20 ÷ 60)°C
WORKING MEDIUM Natural gas or other non-corrosive gases

Gas separator STG 654

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