Natural gas dehydration unit


Natural gas dehydration unit SUTEG

SUTEG dehydration unit removes water vapors from natural gas streams by means of triethylene glycol (TEG). The used wet rich glycol flows to a regeneration system where reconcentration of glycol is achieved. The lean glycol is circulated again in the system to continue the vapor removal process. The process parameters can be adjusted in order to maintain a certain value of the water dew point.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Nominal flow rate: Q = 3600 ÷ 12.000.000 Nm³/day
Nominal pressure: PN 16 ÷ PN 150 bar
Role: to remove water vapour from natural gas stream at gas well field/underground natural gas storage facility gathering system - natural gas national transportation system
Type: water vapour absorption from the natural gas stream by means of Triethylene Glycol (TEG)
Dehydrated gas water content: corresponding to the dew point of the water entrapped in the natural gas < -15°C at the maximum working pressure (according to SR 3317: 2003) or 7 lbs. water/mil. Sft³ (0,112 g water/Sm³) natural gas (according to API 12 GDU)
TEG circulation ratio: 16,7 ÷ 58,4 litres TEG/kg water absorbed (2 ÷ 7 gal. TEG/lb. water absorbed)
Contactor diameter: DN 150 – DN 2000
Column type: trayed or packed
TEG purity rate: ≤ 99,9 %
Reboiler heating value: 20 ÷ 2000 kW
TEG pump flow rate: 0,8 ÷ 60 l/min
Wet gas separator;
Wet gas - TEG contactor
Dry gas heat exchanger - lean TEG
TEG Regenerator:
TEG reboiler
Lean TEG surge tank
Stripping column
Flash separator
Fuel gas scrubber
TEG particle filter
TEG charcoal filter
Lean/rich TEG heat exchanger
Rich TEG distillation column heat exchanger
Lean TEG - fuel gas heat exchanger
Lean TEG - stripping gas heat exchanger
Circulation pump lean TEG
Instrumentation (pressure gauges, thermometers, level indicators, pressure and temperature transmitters, gas and TEG flow meters, level controller, hygrometer, burner control system, maximum temperature, minimum level, maximum differential pressure switches)
Control panel which provides parameters display and data transfer (SCADA)
Wet gas cooler
Underground liquid and solid particles storage tank
Corrosion and foaming inhibitor injection system
Additional TEG injection system
Equipment skid
BTEX, VOC, HAP regenerator

Natural gas dehydration unit SUTEG

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