Regulating-metering-delivery stations


Regulating-metering-delivery stations SRM

Ensure the regulation and metering of natural gases in the distribution sector

Reference standard: EN 12186
CE Certificate according to PED 97/23/EC

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Nominal flow rate: Qn = 100 ÷ 500.000 Nm³/h
Nominal pressure: PN 16/Class 150
Inlet nominal diameter: DN 25 ÷ DN 1000
Outlet nominal diameter: DN 25 ÷ DN 1200
Working fluid temperature: -10 ÷ +60 °C (optionally, -20 ÷ +80 °C)
Ambient temperature: -20 ÷ +80 °C (optionally, -30 ÷ +80 °C)
COMPONENTS Electrical separation comprises monoblock insulating joints mounted on the inlet/ outlet connections.
Filtration equipment comprises a battery with FTG 601, FTG 602 filters.
Pressure regulating equipment comprises:
  • direct acting pressure regulators, type RTG 311, RTG 320, RTG 406
  • indirect acting pressure regulators, type RTG 411, RTG 414, RTG 421
Protection equipment comprises:
  • shut-off valves at under and overpressure: SB 750, SB 770
  • relief valves: SD 735, SD 735 A, SD 710, SD 721
Metering equipment comprises:
  • rotary piston flow meter / turbine flow meter / ultrasonic flow meter / orifice plate systems (depending on flow rate)
  • PTZ corrector/ flow computer
  • by – pass.
Automation equipment performs acquisition of data from the process monitor and control hardware equipment, data registration, data graphical display, whether locally or remote (zonal or central dispatching centre) and SCADA integration.     
Additional buildings:
  • cabinet or building (metallic or thermally insulated) to enhance external protection of the technological equipment; it consist of the mechanical equipment protection chamber, the automation chamber and the operator chamber provided with mechanical equipment protection chamber, automation equipment chamber
  • concrete platform to support the mechanical equipment
  • lightning arrester
  • fire panel
  • sand box
  • surrounding fence
  • lighting equipment (internal and external)
  • earth connection.

Regulating-metering-delivery stations SRM

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